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C2C Business Builder is a Powerful ERP Global Tool to Control all your Business Connections and Business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Office for On-the-Go Business People
Make Data simple Visualize to Access and Share
Create Tech Packs, Pick Ticket, Orders, and Invoices
Track Sales, Production, and Inventory
      Software as a Service (SaaS)
​ Access Data Securely
​Sync across Devices and Users
​Work Anywhere, Anytime
​Do More in Less Time
​ Huge Customer Base Reach
​Develop and Sell Products Globally
C2C Business Builder products are transforming the way people use data interact to solve problems and conduct business globally. We make creating interactive data fast and useful.
C2C Business Builder offers you with compatible and user-friendly solutions for managing your business- from the front end as well as the back end. The company allows you to effectively and efficiently manage and allocate the resources available, and make the optimal use of time management as well.
The C2C Business Builder ERP will similarly help you mange internal business resources and people. The SaaS will help you keep track of the activities and the processes that are being implemented and run through your business, as well as allow the tracking of results for these processes.
C2C Business Builder Global Ecosystem for the Fashion Industry
  C2C Business Builder {Division of C2C Fashion and Technology} was conceived  after many years of a need for a program that connected production and fulfillment process for the fashion business into one software program. The plan of C2C Business Builder {Division of C2C Fashion and Technology} is to connect all aspects of the fashion world in 34 different languages, starting with the wholesale clothing industry and expanding into the shoe, gift, accessory, cosmetic, hair, and furniture industries. C2C Business Builder {Division of C2C Fashion and Technology} is a cloud Ecosystem consisting of an ERP {Enterprise Resource Planning}, a SCRM {social customer relationship management} and an E commerce interactive catalog .
  The benefit of C2C Business Builder {Division of C2C Fashion and Technology} is that it will give your company global presence and the ability to move data and transact business throughout the world. The data is stored in a secure cloud Ecosystem where all parties concerned can share access to real time information in 34 different languages in a global environment. C2C Business Builder {Division of C2C Fashion and Technology} Ecosystem will connect all tasks such as production, ordering, customer service, credit and sales.
 A cloud Ecosystem is a virtual data center. It is made up of a collection of strategic scalability such as artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Whether you choose to run one or one thousand applications, you will never have to worry about configuring or optimizing anything since everything is done automatically. You don’t ever have to worry about paying for additional server hardware, network switches or additional software. This software will run from a cloud Ecosystem that you access for a monthly fee instead of buying expensive software and hardware. SAAS {software as a service}