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 Powerful ERP / CRM/ PLM Global Tool to Control and Connect all your Business.

C2C Fashion and Technology is paving the way for forward-thinking individuals with a new technological vision and innovative ideas.
Their goal is to promote global initiative and offer companies the opportunity to collaborate with a network of factories, manufacturers, designers, and retailers who are seeking to improve their profitability and productivity through technology integration. By joining this growing global network, companies can tap into a more efficient way of doing business on a global scale.
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C2C Fashion and Technology is a full service, one stop  consortium for any business with needs for interactive multi media marketing, product development and cloud technology integration.
Our  Goal is to promote and implement radical changes in today's global fashion and technology ecosystem.
C2C main paradigmatic changes affecting fashion is the reshoring of the fashion industry by embracing a sustainable concept and combination of “smart factories” + “smart networks” + “smart products.”
Our Mission is to offer support to individuals, new start ups and existing companies that need guidance and direction in creating business success and realization of dreams. We provide quality expertise in all areas of branding, marketing, business plan development, website build out, optimization, trademarks, legal and much more. We offer competitive and reasonable pricing for a full range of integrated services enabling customers to utilize cutting edge technology and the most current market trends.

C2C Fashion and Technology is bases on the principles of social responsibility and sustainable business practices and is proud to include a community of experienced, skilled and creative talent. We can customize any package of services to meet your unique needs.
We also are looking for great talent in any of the areas mentioned above and welcome new innovative individuals to the collaboration.
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