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UPYOURSTYLE Automated Engagement with a Perfect Match

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

UPYOURSTYLE is an AI that recognizes, analyzes, fetches, and advises to create significant interconnections between users and stores. Customers use mirror or online UPYOURSTYLE software to show accessories to work with outfits.

Extending shopping experience

AI developed with a fashion mindset that employs Deep Learning tech to precisely follow consumers’ style based on uploaded photos.

Filling a shopping bag with a complete outfit in one place is easier than ever before bringing on rising satisfaction and engagement.

Starts from what matters

Usually, search in the store or online catalog starts from category selection or filters. With AI technologies you can immediately start from what matches better. Algorithms fetch products from various categories that match the style beyond expectation. Then the results can be fine-tuned with the smart filters.

With hyper-personalized approach

Interconnection between recognized looks and user behavior data lets AI create unique dynamic portraits for hyper-personalized instant tips and high fidelity anticipations along with trends forecasting.

Growth comes from experience and data tech

Our products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems. We make creating interactive data fast and easy.

Who can use it? Manufacturers, Retailers, and E-commerce

Whether your business is clothing and accessories, shoes, gifts, or other products, this software will connect your wholesale, retail, and/or e-commerce sales into one complete and secure network. 

A USA Partner of:C2C Fashion and Technology LLC


Automated engagement with a perfect match

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