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C2C is the Bridge to Global Inter-connectivity


C2C purpose is to address the on-going transition of societies and economies toward different organizational paradigms deeply transformed by digital technologies. •C2C digital technologies will offers a systemic ecosystem approach to production and consumption that will dramatically transform the fashion industry through a unique integration of digital interactive fashion and technology.


C2C will reinvent the fashion industry by enabling the creation of a real-time virtual duplication of the whole production and consumption system. We have developed a combination of “smart factories” + “smart networks” + “smart products” •C2C digital transformation will reshape the fashion industry into a more sustainable and truly customer-driven business.

New Services

C2C Business Connect Interactive Digital Marketing is based on the convergence between physical and digital environments to transform the consumer from a passive buyer to an enabled interactive participant. •C2C Business Builder ERP and CRM platform (B2B) connects the production and fulfillment processes for the wholesale business into one software program. Many design and production APIs (Application programming interface) integrated. •C2C Virtual Shop (B2C) utilizes virtual, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide customers a personalized avatar life model allowing shoppers to virtually “try on” an article of clothing and have product suggested based on customer like to accessorize an outfit.

Who can use C2C? Factories, Manufacturers, Designers, Shipping, Retailers, Sales, Distributors, Affiliates, Credit Departments and Consumers.

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