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C2C Digital Transformation

The primary drivers for digital transformation are either significant opportunities or existential threats.

C2C will reshape and retool the fashion industry for an era in which traditional boundaries are broken with disruptive technology in every aspect of business. •The fashion industry is undergoing large-scale changes as a direct result of the rise of technology and its impact on consumer behavior and a Digital transformation that is creating an uncertain and complex consumer environment. •C2Cs big data and artificial intelligent analytics can be used by fashion companies strategically to tailor consumer experience and allow the customer to lead the way to a new experience in fashion. •1. Including leading-edge artificial intelligent analytics •2. Augmented technological developments in Digital Marketing •C2Cs clients will be able to understand the customers better, respond to market trends and tailor your sales information and products. •C2Cs digital networks and interaction is an integrated system of actors, assets and stakeholders where not only supply chains can be real-time in tune with the factory but also retail channels and even products and final customers can communicate and exchange data within the C2C ecosystem. #c2c #ai #blockchain #wearable #iot

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